Anonymous asked:

Do you believe that marijuana should be easily accessible for purely recreational purposes or only for medicinal reasons? Basically, do you condone recreational use? Do you think people under 21 (or even 18) should be able to use for recreational and/or medicinal purposes?

of all things to be regulated, as to where who can use it or not.. marijuana is a joke. 

i do not think it should be up to the government at all. what a waste of time. in a lot of places its an excuse to lower population and increase revenue. the whole age limit thing is also a joke. nothing magically happens to you at midnight on your birthday. youre not all of a sudden able to handle weed just cause you turned 18. its up to you, when and if you want to use it, and how you want to use it. 

however, with that being said, it is too late for my single opinion to matter. so this is what im going to tell you.. let them make all the laws they want. let them think they are in control. do what the fuck you want and dont get caught. 

i believe a lot in human instinct and natural law. an eye for an eye. so if i saw someone smoking a joint.. i see no harm. so there is no law.